Enjoy skiing

Milder temperatures and longer days: Long live spring skiing!

Conditions are ideal

Spring in the mountains is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. The days lengthen and the temperatures are warmer, leaving more time to really enjoy the snow and the sun.

You too can embrace the benefits of a mountain holiday at this time of year, and go skiing into spring!

Great Reasons To Ski Into Spring

All experienced skiers will tell you that spring is the ideal season to take your first ski holiday. Pleasant temperatures, radiant sunshine, blue skies and fresh snow: it’s the perfect mix to put a smile on your face and a first star on your ski jacket!

1. The weather: it’s sunny up top!

Learning to ski when the weather is on your side is always easier! As the mercury rises, you can enjoy your first taste of skiing, warmed by the rays of the sun.

In terms of equipment, in the spring, you can move into lighter and more breathable clothing instead of your thickest and warmest layers. You’re free to move more easily, while on the slopes for longer. And it’s less likely to be a hot chocolate, more lemonade that you’ll want at the end of the day. With the sun and spring temperatures, nothing will stop you!


2. The snow: soft as cotton

The pistes in spring are softer under your skis, warmed by the sun. At this time of year, the mountains offer excellent snow depths and long days on the slopes.

There are playgrounds for all levels of skiers and, above all, beautiful soft snow in the beginners’ zone. Afraid of falling during your first hours of learning? Don’t worry! In spring, the quantity and softness of the snowpack will protect you in the event of a poorly negotiated turn or loss of balance.

Press on with no fear, as soft snow will cushion you if you don’t quite stay in control !

3. The sun: high colours

What could be better than combining learning and tanning? Only skiing in spring allows you to pick up the basics of the snowplough under an azure blue sky and give your smiling face some colour.

During your first few hours’ skiing, trust a professional instructor to get rid of any blue fear before you start. And if your cheeks are reddened by hard work, the whiteness of the heights will make you forget everything; no, you’re not going to mope in the mountains!

Be careful not to end the day scarlet though! Make sure you wear sunglasses and put on your suncream before heading out to your lesson. Otherwise, you risk turning to tomato red, even if you stay on the green beginner’s pistes! Spring skiing is life in pink!

4. Tranquility: ease down the slopes

When you start skiing, it can be yourself you’re most afraid of (because you lack control) but also it’s the other skiers who hurtle down the slopes at high speed.

But unlike the Christmas holidays and February half-term, when the largest numbers of skiers hit the slopes, in spring you can ease your way down the pistes. There are fewer people on the slopes, giving you an great feeling of safety, plus there’s less waiting at the lifts.

It’s a season where learning to ski and staying calm go hand in hand!