Family time

Fun, sun and sliding with your tribe

Great Family Activities for Spring

Spring is the ideal season for a family ski trip, and it’s also a great opportunity to spend time together creating some wonderful holiday memories. Simply trade in your skis for some exciting group activities. Here are some ideas for your tribe!

Sliding, always sliding

If your kids love the snow, it might be hard to get them off the pistes to try other activities. But rest assured, there are plenty of other ways you can slide with something other than two planks on your feet!

Snowboarding: swap your skis and try the experience! It’s all about finding your balance and the right stance, and whether you’re young or old, learning to snowboard is a real challenge when you’re used to skiing.

Biathlon: you’ve seen it in the Winter Olympics, but why not try it yourself? Try out this new double challenge that requires both endurance and concentration.

Tobogganing: Everyone loves tobogganing! It’s often your first ever experience on snow, and will have your crew laughing at all ages.

Nature, the path of discovery

What could be better than trekking through the snow to seek out the animals that inhabit this wonderful mountain?

Go snowshoeing with a guide to learn all about the life of marmots, track foxes and look out for vultures above your head. You’ll learn the name of the peaks surrounding you and the history of the mountains you’ve chosen as your destination.

To approach nature like a real trapper in the wild, choose snowshoes. For the whole family, they mean you can follow snowy paths through fragrant firs. Children love the adventure of the forest and you can enjoy the peace and quiet that’s only just around the corner. Breathe!

Mountain animals

Would your kids like a dog? Here’s a compromise for you: how about an outing on a sled pulled by dogs? It’s something you can enjoy with all the family, and you can choose to go on the sled or to learn how to drive a team. Guaranteed fun for everyone!

Horse lovers: why not gallop on the snow or slide across it while trying ski-joering. It’s a unique and original experience! Little ones can also try their hand at pony-sledding, while the less adventurous might want to try a tour of the resort by sleigh.