Treat yourself

What if spring in the mountains meant a chance to meet those working the land? The opportunity to discover a thousand flavors produced with passion over generations? To satisfy your curiosity about the traditions behind the mountain regions? Or, on the simplest level, a time to sample essential mountain dishes in a fantastic setting?

Discover ‘L’Art de Vivre’ in the mountains

In March, April and May, a stay in the mountains means meeting people. There’s time to talk with the locals, who love to share insights into their region’s history, traditions and customs. Understanding ‘l’art de vivre’ in the mountains is a truly immersive experience. Take the opportunity to discover local artisans, farmers and breeders, who build the traditional chalets, and create the delicious mountain cheeses taste during your stay or take home with you.

Taste typical mountain dishes on the terrace

The mountains and gastronomy are a great love story. Taking advantage of spring to enjoy good food on a terrace with a panoramic view of the mountains is a real pleasure. Each French massif has its own speciality, let's go around?

Northern Alps:

The Croziflette. Small square pasta emblematic of the Savoyard culinary heritage, crozets were historically prepared at home, from buckwheat flour, eggs, salt and water. Onions, bacon and reblochon cheese are added to obtain a generous dish to enjoy without feeling guilty after a beautiful day in the mountains.

Southern Alps:

The Tourtons. Originally from the Champsaur, these small fried potato cushions filled with tomme, onions, potatoes or spinach are to be eaten on their own or with meat and a green salad. For dessert, they are filled with apples or prunes.

Montagnes du Jura:

The sausage of Morteau. Made from pork meat, it is a clever mixture of lean and fat contained in an entirely natural casing. Garlic, shallot, coriander, cumin, white wine from the Jura... come to perfume the most famous of sausages

Massif du Sancy:

The Truffle. Tasty and generous dish of potatoes and melted cheese, you will accompany this Auvergne dish with a salad to find the green color of our meadows or to give yourself a good conscience!

Massif des Vosges:

The Munster. A true specialty of the region, this soft cheese was originally produced by Benedictine monks in the Munster valley, but also in Géromé (Gérardmer in local dialect), it is characterized by a fine and powerful taste!


The spit cake. It is THE Pyrenean cake par excellence, its shaping is long and tedious which makes it even more exceptional. It is baked around a conical mold and on a spit, which gives it its original shape.